To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly …Henri Bergson


At FLI, our staff is always here to answer your questions and to ensure that you get connected with the right person. In the meantime, here are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive:
1. Does FLI have the option to create a custom designed course for our organization to address our specific needs?
Yes! FLI’s team of curriculum development expert’s work alongside our clients to identify current needs and to design a course based on objectives and goals to be met. FLI has worked with the Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Homeland Security, the Army National Guard and many other government agencies to provide tailored approaches to address topics of exigency. 
2. We love your courses, but are nowhere near Washington D.C., does FLI travel to other states if needed? 
Absolutely! FLI does regular trainings in the Metropolitan area, but we’ve traveled throughout the United States including Guam and internationally to deliver our courses.  FLI has the added benefit of working with facilitators that live in various parts of the country, making it easy and affordable for you to contract with us. 

3. Does FLI have a minimum or maximum number of students it requires in order to implement programs?
At FLI, nothing is cookie-cutter or set-in-stone. We’ve done thousands of hours of one-on-one coaching with staff addressing issues that range from handling workplace conflict, managerial skills, and time management, and have also conducted workshops with hundreds of people for larger-scale organizational topics. FLI possesses the added benefit of having in-house facilitators, curriculum development staff, and seasoned coordinators to ensure that your program runs smoothly regardless of size and scope. 

4. Where does FLI hold their classes?
 For those interested in remaining local, or bringing a team for an out-of-state training, FLI provides ample accessible classroom space at our headquarters in Northern Virginia.  Our classrooms are equipped with state of the art technology, inviting classroom environments, and a prime location with plenty of lodging, entertainment and food options to choose from. At FLI we understand that traveling costs can add up for organizations, and therefore we provide the option to have our team come to you! 

5. Our team has sat through numerous trainings, professional development courses, and seminars over the years and the format never seems to change. How does FLI stay current and provide an exciting and interesting experience for its participants? 
 We understand far too well that mandatory training can become a bit of a snooze. At FLI, we provide a careful mix of different blended learning approaches to tackle this issue head-on. As a leader in adult-learning application, FLI assesses each organizations needs and provides feedback on the ideal course format. Whether we’re in a traditional