“Creating lasting change begins with knowing how to effectively educate and train people.”

Our Services

As a leader in the development of individuals, organizations, and communities, we understand that creating change and positioning our constituents for successful futures doesn’t always result in a “one size fits all” approach. At the Federal Leadership Institute we deliver our services, regardless of size, scope or demographic, with the same basic philosophy throughout; building upon people’s strengths in order to identify new solutions to the everyday challenges they face. Whether we’re providing our services to large organizations or facilitating small group discussions, our team knows how to implement simple and straight-forward solutions to complex problems.



Creating lasting behavioral changes begins with knowing how to effectively educate people, having the ability to apply vibrant training approaches and finding out what makes people tick. At FLI we don’t adhere to the age-old saying that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Our proven methodologies create lasting individual and organizational change from top to bottom and bottom to top. By applying our blended approaches and instilling interactive communities of learning, FLI’s strength-based methods focus on training your professionals in both the soft skills and technical skills arena. 

Our Organizational Effectiveness Services Include:

-  Acquisitions

FLI™’s acquisition support services provides our clients the necessary skills for supporting and performing federal acquisition management and contracting actions. FLI™’s acquisition management solutions encompass all processes and procedures in the planning, generation, tracking, execution, and management of the acquisition packages, contract closeout and the subsequent ongoing contract management. We work closely with our clients to develop Justification and Approvals (J&A), Acquisition Plans, Statements of Work/Statements of Objectives, Independent Government Cost Estimates (IGCE), Technical Evaluation Plans and Criteria, organizing and managing Technical Evaluation Boards, and ongoing contract management and oversight. We have a comprehensive understanding of federal acquisition management and the government contracting process to support your acquisition needs.

-  Coaching

The FLI coaching methodology focuses on identifying the capabilities that each person has in order to best utilize their capabilities. By shifting the perspective to discover different solutions to achieve the same goals, we are able to provide positive support, feedback and advice to individuals or groups to improve personal effectiveness in the business setting. Our coaches have A strong understanding of individual differences in the work place and are able to quickly adapt their coaching styles and strategies to ensure successful outcomes. FLI coaching has resulted in successful career transitions, improved interpersonal and professional communication, measurable performance management, heightened organizational effectiveness, managing career and personal change, developing executive presence, enhancing strategic thinking, effectively dealing with conflict, and building an effective team within each organization. 

-  Facilitation

Although A practice that emerged in the 80’s, our team of facilitation experts have perfected the art of designing and running successful meetings. With an eye on the greater common purpose, our facilitators understand the importance of the fundamental setting of ground rules and understanding our client’s desired outcome for each and every meeting. Our teams of facilitators know how to foster solutions that incorporate diverse points of view while simultaneously creating A safe and cooperative environment. 

-  Training

Whether we’re doing on-the-job training or off-site training, FLI comes ready to train, educate, and develop better employees through improved capability, heightened capacity and competitive performance. More and more, employers understand the importance of offering their employees career development opportunities to instill and maintain A competitive advantage for the organization. By doing so, not only does your organization improve employee retention but it also allows for the creation of A training process that shapes the thinking of your workforce and leads to quality performance of your employees. Training improves employee morale, requires less supervision, results in fewer on the job accidents and errors, accelerates chances for promotion and most importantly, increases productivity. 

-  Curriculum Development

At FLI we approach curriculum development as a multi-step, ongoing and cyclical process. Beginning with the planning phase, clients are able to articulate and participate in the development aspect of the design of the course. From there our team breaks it down even further by clearly delineating goals, objectives, learning experiences, instructional resources, assessments and the overall philosophy of the course. In the implementation phase we take the course to your workplace and get a first hand look at what participants should know and assess the facilitator to achieve those goals. At FLI our model of CD allows for flexibility, an interdisciplinary approach, highly experiential training and ongoing improvement as our team evaluates learning throughout.

-  Change Management

Transitioning teams and individuals from A current state to A desired future state is not A task to be taken lightly! At FLI we work with the invested stakeholders of the organization to understand what the needs really are. By implementing basic structure and tools to control any organizational change effort, we are able to maximize organizational benefits and minimize the change impacts on workers and avoid potential distractions. Performance metrics such as financial results, operational efficiency, leadership commitment, communication effectiveness, and the fundamental perception of A need for change, allows our team of professionals to align group expectations, integrate and manage teams and individuals, and effectively implement and fine tune the change management plan. 

-  Human Capital And Workforce Planning

Understanding the role of leadership and talent in relation to the alignment of needs and priorities in an organization is vital in ensuring met objectives and goals. Competencies, knowledge, social and personality attributes are all factors that contribute to one’s ability to perform and are also an integral part of creating A distinct corporate culture. Our human capital and workforce planning division examines the relationship between the economic value of your employee’s education and experience, and how that intangible asset consumes time in the workplace. Our coaches help you identify projected loss of knowledge through expected and unexpected employee exits, and skillfully close the gaps to ensure future business success. 

-  Communities Of Learning

At FLI we specialize in creating long-lasting Communities of Learning. Tied by common emotions, values, beliefs and the desire to actively engage in learning together and from each other, FLI has found that our pedagogical design improves retention rates and creates a greater impact among the targeted community. Our cohort-based and interdisciplinary approach to education provides powerful effects on learning and achievement. Whether through peer-to-peer learning, social networking, computer mediated communication, or the sharing of knowledge via textual, audio, video or blogs - the key to staying ahead of the curve is by remaining abreast of the latest findings and resources in the field.

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At FLI we know that transforming a community first begins with identifying the needs by recognizing the gap between where we are and where we want to be. Our teams of education and healthcare professionals are dedicated to improving the lives of children and families with the higher purpose of enriching communities long-term. We understand that the most effective way to be a catalyst of change is by speaking to the people who have faced the challenges themselves. Through our extensive network of community partners, devoted group of employees and engrained culture of collaboration, we are able to assess, implement and execute tried and true programs for lasting results.

Our Community Transformation services include:

- Program Development

Assessing needs and determining our clients’ desired outcome is the foundation behind creating effective programs. Whether we’re implementing a small scale program to an individual workshop or executing a large scale effort to a comprehensive community initiative, the principles remain the same regardless of the scope. By hiring the best SMEs in the field and applying findings from the latest research, our teams are able to devise an ongoing systematic process that is followed from implementation through evaluation and ultimately, completion.

- Grantee Support

FLI has had vast experience providing strategic, tactical and field-related support to grantees across a variety of sectors and programs. With a focus on capacity-building and great leadership, grantee support has included one-on-one consultations, technical assistance, leadership development, website development, prospect research and resource expansion.

- Inter/Intrapersonal Education

At the core of every program, our community transformation services focus on educating the population we’re working with. Past FLI programs have dealt with topics ranging from relationship and marriage education, teen substance abuse, parenting, money-management, career building, and numerous other health initiatives. Our teams immerse themselves in the needs and experiences of our participants and develop tailored programs and goals that incorporate specialized processes to communicate ideas, thoughts, and feelings while reinforcing skills such as listening, persuasion, and nonverbal communication.

- Counseling

Granato Counseling, a division of the Federal Leadership Institute, provides services to individuals, groups, couples and families in the Northern Virginia, District of Columbia and Maryland area. Employee Assistance (EAP) services are also available to organizations. Services are offered in English and Spanish. For more information, please visit our contact us page.

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Program Management is the cornerstone of any programs success and at FLI we offer innovative solutions to meet the needs of our clients. FLI has developed a standard Program Management Methodology that contains a disciplined and structured approach that provides a framework for managing programs and multi-component projects. Our history of successful program execution, satisfied customers, and long-term repeat clients is the reassurance we provide our current and prospective clients. Our groups of certified PMP’s always deliver on time, mitigate risks and ensure high-quality products and well-managed projects.

Our Program Management services include:

- Strategic Planning

What do we do? How do we excel at it? Whom do we do it for? These questions are ones that all business owners tackle from the inception of their businesses and are ones that managers, executives and leaders within the organization revisit as the company grows and changes. The process of defining a strategy, or direction, and making decisions on how to allocate resources to pursue that goal is the secret behind building a successful and sustainable business. Our teams of professionals work with you to identify the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats for long and short term goals. Transformation efforts require leaders who know how to manage change, especially when the stakes are so high. We make your vision, mission, values and strategies easily translatable into fast action plans.

- Research and Analysis

At FLI, we help our client’s breakdown complex topics into more understandable metrics. By discovering patterns in sets of data and transforming it into usable information, we’re able to develop instruments and methods for the “why” and “how” behind human behavior and decision-making.

- Strategy and Thought Leadership

Experience and fresh ideas; this is what our team brings. Recognized for our innovative approaches and a knack for staying ahead of trends and influential topics, FLI has earned the trust of our clients and built a solid credibility within our niche. By sharing our knowledge and employing our expertise, we help your programs and platforms transcend the corporate position and elevate your employees and all stakeholders involved to the next level.

- Technology and Modernization

In this day and age, change seems to be inevitable, but our responses to these events determine the unification or fragmentation of our teams and outcomes. With no clear boundaries and limitations to guide us, the leveraging power of technology is at our fingertips and ensuring we promote a holistic work environment that is purposeful and focused is more important than ever. Modern technology spans both time and space simultaneously affecting your organization’s internal dynamics. We simplify processes by using collaborative technologies and help you improve your communication, become more efficient, and eliminate unnecessary disruption.

- Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management are strategies and practices used in an organization to identify, create, represent, and enable the distribution and insight of a particular experience. KM focuses on organizational objectives such as improved performance, competitive advantages the company possesses, innovation, the sharing of lessons learned, and the integration of new resources for continuous improvement. Our KM expertise will generate value from intellectual and knowledge based assets by codifying what is known and sharing that information among employees, departments and stakeholders. Through technological based resources KM achieves 3 goals; 1) facilitates decision-making capabilities, 2) builds learning organizations by making learning routine, and 3) stimulates cultural change and innovation. Let our team help you by making growth intentional and not optional!

- Technical Assistance

In this day in age, knowing that you have a great service, product, program or idea isn’t enough. Whether we’re helping our clients cultivate dynamic leaders in their organizations, getting hands-on to ignite community change or ensuring that your program is being run correctly, FLI strategically interweaves elements of technical assistance into every project we’re a part of. Our groups of seasoned professionals know exactly how to offset the challenges of blended learning approaches and the occasional geographic distances that exist between members of the same team. Through the use of modern technology, a carefully crafted brand, marketing and communications plan, and leveraging web and social media platforms to your advantage, we maximize efficiency and leverage exposure. Let us help you take your program to the next level.

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